Out this weekend? STAY SAFE!

Today is a momentous day, it really is. We just have to remember we’re still in a worldwide pandemic that will last for a while longer. It is right to get us back to a more normal way of life, but only if we ALL do it right. If you’re considering going out tonight, we all owe it to our country to adhere to the simple rules in place AND reduce strain on our emergency services;

- Don’t visit your friends or family indoors (excluding ‘bubbles’) 🏠 ❌

- Don’t meet with other groups of more than 6 people from more than 2 households 👬-👬-👬

- Keep 2 metres away and LIMIT CONTACT with those not in your household 🧍🏼‍♂️<> 🧍🏾‍♀️


Realistically, if we’re sensible by genuinely keeping our distance and keeping good hygiene, we will beat Covid-19 faster.

If you venture out to a restaurant, bar or pub, be SENSIBLE with the alcohol you drink and enjoy yourself with moderation. To put it bluntly, don’t act in anyway that would need you to come in contact with police 🚔 . And don’t drink so much you need to come into contact with the ambulance service or A&E, because you’ve injured yourself or drank too much 🚑 🏥.

We’re out in force with our fantastic dedicated support services, keeping venues and communities safe for you. Stay safe and enjoy.


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Please get in touch before visiting us, as we operate across 2 offices.

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Kindly note: We're not yet CQC registered, nor claim to be. We can however help with providing qualified support service for exsisting CQC regulated services, and the direct provision of both NHS and private medical logistics. Any Patient Transport Services (PTS), 'front line' emergency services (999) or other regulated activities, will need to be booked directly with our local providers, who we supply our staff to. We can always put you in touch at a moments notice.

We are proud to work with NHS Trusts, and also on behalf of NHS Approved Suppliers, for the provision of medical logistics.

HEAD OFFICE (and physical location)


The Business Village @Barnsley BIC

Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre
Innovation Way
South Yorkshire
S75 1JL


Call: 0845 257 8999

Alternative: 0871 528 8995

Email: office@contactssg.com

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