Statement Response & Updates to COVID-19

Updated: Feb 7, 2021


Our Statement Response is available to view and save as a PDF here;

This is an important statement for our clients, staff and followers relating to Covid-19 and Secure Solutions Group. We want to share the steps we are taking to protect you and continue delivering our services. We are primarily an Independent Ambulance Service, providing Support Services to both public and private sectors, so have a responsibility to ensure services continue to operate safely, while balancing the need to follow government advice.

- In summary, we are adapting to each of our clients needs and continue to provide support where this is needed.

- Our NHS Support Services and Medical Transport Services continue to operate as normal, with adapted safe processes and contingency plans to ensure service delivery. This includes ensuring we have additional trained staff and resources available.

- We are carefully monitoring the situation, adapting to these, and following guidance from the government and World Health Organisation.

- Our building cleaners are taking measures to ensure the environment, communal areas and high footfall areas are clean and disinfected. Our vehicles, their fixtures and our equipment is subject to stringent cleaning and disinfecting. This includes a regular change in our uniform and changes of uniform after spending extended time or contact within an NHS hospital. All our vehicles and individual staff have a personal supply of facial tissues and antibacterial hand gel.

- Where clients need to postpone services, particularly event services, there will be no charge for this. Where a large deposit or prepayment has been taken, a full refund will be given. We are currently reviewing our First Aid training services, and if these should continue in small groups. We will provide an update shortly.

- Non-essential meetings with us and our staff have been postponed at this time, and we are not accepting visitors to either of our offices. This is for the protection of our staff and integrity of our equipment.

- Staff wellbeing is also a top priority and are fully aware to stay home if they have a new persistent cough or high temperature. They are also aware of the necessity of Infection Prevention Control and even further increased handwashing and other measures. Staff have been briefed to ensure the risk of them catching or spreading Covid-19 is heavily minimised.

We will provide updates here when they are required. A separate message helping our clients, staff and followers with helpful advice, and wellbeing support, will follow separately later on.

A message from Edward Barbieri, Logistics Director: "Now more than ever before, we are reminded of the importance of delivering our services and ensuring everyone's safety while doing so. Know that this is all a short-term solution to minimise the impact of a developing virus, and this won't continue for long. Things will absolutely return to normal, so keep that in mind at this uncertain time. You are not alone and we will support our clients throughout this entire situation."

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COVID-19 Statement Update 19/03/2020 12:00 Re: Medical Transport Service at Secure Solutions Group Purpose: To provide client and staff reassurance that these services continue to operate as normal, with safety precautions implemented. We are primarily an Independent Ambulance Service, providing Support Services, so have a responsibility to ensure services continue to operate safely, while balancing the need to follow government advice.

Our Statement Response to COVID-19 is relevant to all our clients, with the following information specific to our Medical Transport Service. Our previously issued Statement is also available here;

Our Medical Transport and Medical Transport Support Services (and majority of other services) continue to operate as normal with additional safety measures in place. We ask our clients to continue to engage with our services as normally as they can at this time as we continue operate. Support us in supporting you.

I'd firstly like to reassure you that Secure Solutions Group are closely following Public Health England guidance for employers and businesses on the issue of COVID-19. As part of recent Government updates and guidelines, we have put strong contingency plans in place for our customers to ensure we can continue to provide the best possible service in any eventuality.

Secondly the reliable and flexible Medical Transport Support Service we offer will continue throughout the developing situation. I have ensured our staff are fully aware of enhanced Infection Prevention Control measures, and that these are strictly implemented. This includes increased personal handwashing of a minimum of 30 seconds, as has always been the case within the healthcare sector, and the wipedown of interior vehicle surfaces and handles after each and every use.

Contingency plans are in place to ensure that if our staff were to show symptoms, there will be no disruption to our services. This includes having trained staff on standby to cover sickness during any 7-14 day isolation period. However we have already taken measures to significantly lower the risk of staff contracting COVID-19, including working from home and advising social distancing to ensure they are fit for work.

Regarding any lockdown that may be implemented, the very nature of our business (Ambulance Services) mean we can continue to operate through these for both emergency and non-emergency work. If any lockdowns are announced, we will update the live blog on our website with confirmation we remain unaffected.

As a company I can assure everybody that, although this is clearly a challenging time for all of us, we remain strong and stable and this alone will not see us bought into difficulty. Although nobody could plan for such a specific and developing situation, we have contingency plans in place to ensure our business activities can continue.