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Mythbusting Series - Nosebleeds

MYTHBUSTING! Over on our Facebook and Twitter we've been running our mythbuster series. Why not pop over to our socials to check out our posts? The links are at the end!

So, nosebleeds... there's never a convenient time for them, but what are you supposed to do? Put your head back to stop the bleeding? Pinch the hard part of your nose? Let's take a look; - MYTH: Put your head back when you have a nosebleed. 👃 - FACT: Don’t put your head back! Blood could flow down your throat and potentially into your stomach, which can cause nausea and vomiting... or even clot in or around your airway. 🤮 - ACTION: Tilt your head forward, and simply pinch your nose at your nostrils (soft part), not higher. Hold your nose for a full 10-15 minutes before checking to see if the bleeding has stopped. If not, apply a cold compress to the top of the nose. If bleeding lasts longer, or if the bleeding was the result of an injury, head to the emergency department. 🏥 We'll post more first aid tips again shortly, so keep an eye out. We talk about nosebleeds in our 'First Monday of the Month' first aid courses, for individuals or groups of any size, at our South Yorkshire training rooms. So feel free to come along - see the event section of our Facebook page, or drop us a message. For more NHS advice on nosebleeds, just visit

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