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Our Innovation Statement

Innovation Statement

“How is SSGL Medical Innovative?”

WINNERS - "Most Innovative Independent Ambulance Service - Yorkshire"

SSGL Medical was born from the idea of innovation and a desire to raise the standards within patient transport solutions. When we look to innovate, we are ultimately looking to make changes in something established. Although this is somewhat a risk for a newer service like SSSL Medical to do, we strongly believe in leading by example and delivering the results of our forward-thinking.

In 2021 we won the UK Enterprise award for “Most Innovative Independent Ambulance Service - Yorkshire”. This statement, and other evidence seen by the judges, is part of the reason for this in addition to our forward-thinking staff who embrace change.

One of the largest pieces of innovation for us is our environmental policy, which we believe makes us one of the most innovative services within our sector in Europe. One achievement is our service going 100% digital, with all systems and processes fully online, saving approximately 4.3 tons of CO2, not to mention the cost. This also has an impact on data accessibility for our staff, commissions, and clients, who we can securely provide information to instantaneously, with live updates on policies, procedures, reports, and more. In an external audit in 2021, our online infrastructure was commented on as being “innovative, and outstanding”. Our processes moving 100% digital has also saved hundreds of hours per month in administration, which in turn has actually increased capacity for our commissions and communities.

Regarding capacity, SSGL Medical can help the system create this in the community by actively identifying specific needs and trends that our booking clients have and tailoring solutions to meet those needs. For example, we recently identified a significant increase of wheelchair users with only the need for a driver with no attendant. Seeing the pressure on the service, and the underutilisation of the ambulance truck with an attendant, we were able to offer specific wheelchair access vehicles (WAV’s) with a single crew and at a significantly lower price, while doubling WAV capacity. Identifying useful trends like these, and reacting to them with suitable available resources, is one way we can support out of hospital care for communities. Based on historical trends such as winter pressures, we also simply ensure that we increase capacity in the lead-up to these periods so we are readily able to respond.

Improving and innovating the quality and availability of patient transport should also make NHS services that require transport solutions more accessible and allow their services to be utilised to all available capacity. Being aware of this, we have developed several strategies to ensure the high quality and availability of our service to ensure close to 100% uptime.

To ensure high-quality transport solutions we have invested in a reliable fleet of vehicles that are rigorously safety checked regularly and serviced every 9,000 miles, in addition to our app-based daily driver checks to identify potential issues rapidly. We also work with innovative partners, who provide us with an uptime guarantee and 24-hour mobile mechanics and servicing anywhere our vehicles travel. To ensure our uptime, regardless of service demand, we also rotate a resilience ambulance which we have on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to step into action if it is ever required.

Adaptability and flexibility are two key factors that enable us, as a support mechanism, to deliver a fit-for-purpose, leading reliable transport solution. Recognising, acknowledging and fully comprehending the role of patient transport as a small cog in the larger machine that is the patient's healthcare, we can embrace the change and innovation as it comes into play at the hub, that being the Trust in question, of the healthcare system.

SSGL Medical relishes challenges and opportunities with a positive outlook, striving to remain at the innovative front of training, development and best practice to benefit both client and service users with a quick reaction to changes and a willingness to implement those changes with immediate effect.

We welcome any future or current client to arrange to visit us, or arrange a video/telephone call to explore our innovation further. We would be proud to show you our systems and processes in action, and for you to see the passion that goes into the business.

The Directors

SSGL Medical


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